Managing your financial affairs in the Netherlands

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So, you’ve moved away from your home country to work abroad. And now you want to integrate into this new, foreign society as well as you can. As an expat, you will be acutely aware that each country has its own culture and customs. And when it comes to your finances, things can get a little complicated.

Financial issues

Good, comprehensive financial planning with a view to the long term is particularly important where expats are concerned. Live Your Dreams is here to assist you with any financial issues you encounter as an expat and will help you to draw up a sound financial plan. Our many years of experience in dealing with expats means that you can have confidence in us. If you wish, we will be happy to provide guidance every step of the way.

Taxes, legislation and regulations, the housing market, investments…

Each country has its own specific laws, regulations and tax treaties. The housing market also varies country to country. Which Dutch or other financial products would be right for you and how should you arrange your affairs to achieve maximum profit and returns? Because we are fully up to date with all the relevant regulations and financial services, your financial affairs will be safe in our hands.

Your pension from an international perspective

Pension schemes also vary from country to country. If you are coming to live in the Netherlands, transferring your pension to a Dutch qualifying pension scheme may be a good idea. If you then move on to another country, we can then help you transfer it again. When it comes to facilitating the transfer of international pension benefits, you can always rely on the extensive experience of Live Your Dreams.

When you get to that age at which you’re thinking about enjoying a well-earned retirement, you may have a number of questions. Which country would you prefer to retire to? Is doing so possible? And if it is, what are the applicable regulations in the country concerned? We at Live Your Dreams will be happy to use our expertise to assist you in this process.

Your personal plan

Financial planning is essential when it comes to optimising the management of your finances and pension. The first thing we do is talk with you to find out what your plans for the coming years are. Will you return to your home country when you leave the Netherlands, or are you planning on living in another country first? Or do you perhaps want to stay in the Netherlands? Maybe you want to use your budget (or part of it) to make your dreams come true. Perhaps you have your heart set on an apartment in Barcelona, or a private yacht in the port of Amsterdam. Whatever your plans, we will be there to help you, showing you what the possibilities are.

Monitoring your asset planning

If you have a clearly defined plan, we will make provisions for any suitable financial services and products. We will then continuously monitor these, making adjustments where necessary, so that you always stay on course. You can safely leave all of this to us. Each year – or several times a year, if you prefer – we will discuss your objectives and your current financial situation with you. If your plans change, so will the financial planning.

We look forward to meeting you

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